Feb 06

Annie Oakley (Narrated Slideshow)

4th grade students at Lakeview Elementary School in Yukon, Oklahoma, created narrated slideshows about different people in the Wild West Shows of the United States. They created this video using the iPad application, “Explain Everything.” This is a short narrated slideshow about Annie Oakley. These projects were posted to a free Posterous website.

Web link to the media example: http://lg2012.posterous.com/annie-oakley-monday

Grade Level: elementary

School Name: Lakeview Elementary School, Yukon, OK

Jan 25

Helen Keller Book Report with VoiceThread

This book report was created by 2nd grader Sarah, using the website VoiceThread.com. The video embedded below shows part of this VoiceThread’s audio comments, focusing specifically on the final slide. The first person on that last slide, following Sarah, is one of her grandfathers. It is very motivational to receive this kind of feedback on school assignments.

Web link to the media example: http://voicethread.com/share/6071/

Grade Level: elementary

School Name: Chisholm Elementary School, Edmond, Oklahoma USA

Any additional info you’d like to share (does this need a new category?): More examples of classroom VoiceThreads are available on the VoiceThread 4 Education wiki.

Jan 25

5 Photo Story: Little Red Riding Hood

This is a 5 Photo Story or “Tell a Story in 5 Frames” activity created in St Paul, Minnesota. The prompt was: Submit five photos which summarize a fairy tale of your choice. Participants had approximately 20 minutes to plan their story, take their photos and submit them.

Web link to the media example: http://5photos.posterous.com/photos

Grade Level: other

School Name: Community School of Excellence

Any additional info you’d like to share (does this need a new category?): This is a great activity for teacher professional development. Another example from a group at this school is “Hansel and Gretel.” See more examples on the “Tell a Story in 5 Photos for Educators” Flickr group.


Jan 16

Animal Podcasts

2nd grade students did research on an animal of their choice using books from the library and online resources. The students entered key information in a form provided by the teacher and then shared what they learned as a podcast in interview format.

Web link to the media example: http://www.usd384.org/spotlight/10/Animal_Podcast/Animal_Reports/Animal_Reports.html

Grade Level: elementary

School Name: Olsburg Elementary

Jan 10

Santa Goes to Washington DC

Oklahoma 2nd grader, Rachel Fryer, created this 70 second digital puppet story in December 2011. Rachel used four different characters in three different scenes to tell a story about Santa and Mrs. Claus getting permission from the U.S. President to deliver gifts around the world.

Santa Goes to Washington DC from Learning Signs on Vimeo.

This was posted on the family learning blog, “Learning Signs.”

Nov 21

Age of Exploration: Explorer Interviews

Each pair of students researched, wrote and recorded an interview with an explorer from The Age of Exploration. After gathering facts and writing questions together, one student took the role of the interviewer while the other student played the role of the explorer. We recorded the interviews in class using just my iphone. The audio turned out terrific!

Each interview last no longer than 3 minutes but the students loved making them and listening to each others again on our class website.
Parents were excited to also listen in and took the time to do so because the were quick and to the point.

Lastly, Audioboo allowed me, the teacher, to publish this project in about 10 minutes. I simply recorded each interview with the FREE audioboo app on my iphone. They automatically saved to my account and all I had to do was copy the widget code onto the website and ALL 13 interviews were linked to our site immediately. No downloading or uploading time and I did not have to work with each recording individually. One of the best digital projects we’ve produced this year, for sure!

Web link to the media example: http://grade5madradio.weebly.com/

Grade Level: elementary

School Name: The Madeleine School, Portland, OR

Nov 11

Education Restart

My digital literacy students conducted research on what it is like to be a student today. Their prompt was a video made in 2007 by Professor Michael Wesch and his Kansas State University students. Their findings are presented in this video.

Web link to the media example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxKnhqrkPUY

Grade Level: high school

School Name: Burlington High School, Burlington, Massachusetts USA

The backstory for this video is detailed in the post, “Learn by Doing.”

Nov 01

Student Web 2.0 Help Desk

Our student technology group (SAINT Squad – Students Actively Involved in Networking and Technology) has been creating a ‘Help Desk’ for students and staff at our school for a few years. We use Screenr or Jing and post to our wiki page. We create screencasts to show people how to use valuable Web 2.0 Tools. We also just started holding workshops after school for students and staff to provide more learning opportunities.

Web link to the media example: http://saintsquadhelpdesk.wikispaces.com

Grade Level: middle school

School Name: Lumen Christi Catholic School

Any additional info you’d like to share: We have created a Wiki page for our directory of screencasts. Once the screencasts are created our students hold workshops after school for students and staff to provide hands-on learning opportunities. We have a staff wiki: lumenchristiwiki.wikispaces.com and a student wiki: lcstudentwiki.wikispaces.com.

Oct 27

Actors Commentary: The Hobbit In Five Minutes

This is an “actors commentary” video for “The Hobbit in 5 Minutes.” Our cast of four actors and videographers watched the video and shared our own commentaries, using a Sony digital audio recorder. Then we uploaded the original video with a REPLACED the audio track using the commentary audio. Check out the original on:

Web link to the media example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7Gl1k9_X2U

Grade Level: middle school

School Name: Classen School of Advanced Studies, Oklahoma City, OK

Oct 26

Come To Our Colony: New Amsterdam

Every year my students participate in a project-based learning (PBL) unit on the 13 Colonies. This year’s 13 Colonies PBL culminated in students using Photo Story 3 to create digital stories about each of their team’s assigned colony. Pictures were courtesy of Flickr and music loops were exported from GarageBand. Each student worked in a team to divide up the research. They were each personally responsible to write “copy” (their lines) and narrate their slides. All of the videos were uploaded to the class YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/SuperSocialStudies. Students were tasked to do the following:

It is 1700. You become a recruiting agent hired by one of the colonies to attract new immigrants. Your task is to educate and persuade settlers to come to your colony. You will be able to do this by making a TV commercial. Your commercial must reflect the attributes of the assigned colony. You must address the issues of natural resources, economy, religion, relations with Indians, and reasons for settling.

Web link to the media example: http://youtu.be/WLH0vh4Ea5o

Grade Level: middle school

School Name: Valleyview Middle School

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