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Nov 11

Education Restart

My digital literacy students conducted research on what it is like to be a student today. Their prompt was a video made in 2007 by Professor Michael Wesch and his Kansas State University students.

Oct 26

Come To Our Colony: New Amsterdam

Every year my students participate in a project-based learning (PBL) unit on the 13 Colonies. This year’s 13 Colonies PBL culminated in students using Photo Story 3 to create digital stories about each of their team’s assigned colony. Pictures were courtesy of Flickr and music loops were exported from GarageBand. Each student worked in a …

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Oct 26

Haunted School

Students were instructed to do a unique school tour video. This was a few seconds shot with a flip and some unique editing in Web link to the media example: Grade Level: middle school School Name: Browning Middle School