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Nov 11

How to be Responsible

“How to be Responsible” is a short common craft style video written, illustrated, performed, and edited by the 10 Year Old class at QSI International School of Sarajevo. Web link to the media example: How To Be Responsible (YouTube) Grade Level: elementary School Name: QSI International School of Sarajevo Any additional info you’d like to …

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Oct 01

LC-TV News

We initiated a student-produced news cast this year using iPads. The students write, edit, perform and produce a daily five-minute newscast with school announcements, lunch menu, a daily prayer and pledge and sports and weather. Web link to the media example: Grade Level: middle school School Name: Lumen Christi School

Oct 01

Portable Radio / TV

This is my 7th year of producing Portable Radio with junior level students (ages 9 – 11). It’s evolved into two formats: episodes and POVs. Episodes are pretty much variety shows around 15 minutes in length. A POV (Portable Radio Point of View) is my student’s reaction to current events news. We’ve been fortunate to …

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Mar 29

Prosthetic Legs: A Video Diary

5th graders in Mr. Simon’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) class at Independence Elementary School in Yukon, Oklahoma, created this two minute video diary using iMovie for iPad to showcase some of the fun and learning they experienced in a recent unit. Learn more on their class blog: Web link to the media …

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Feb 24

My Brother Shane

A 2011 Digital Storytelling Project by Alec S. – This project was a collaboration between the high school media specialist and English 9 teacher at Westmont High School and was designed to model best practices in technology integration. Students worked to write and answer essential questions based on life experience. Ninety students participated, with 12 …

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Feb 06

Annie Oakley (Narrated Slideshow)

4th grade students at Lakeview Elementary School in Yukon, Oklahoma, created narrated slideshows about different people in the Wild West Shows of the United States. They created this video using the iPad application, “Explain Everything.” This is a short narrated slideshow about Annie Oakley. These projects were posted to a free Posterous website. Web link …

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Jan 25

Helen Keller Book Report with VoiceThread

This book report was created by 2nd grader Sarah, using the website The video embedded below shows part of this VoiceThread’s audio comments, focusing specifically on the final slide. The first person on that last slide, following Sarah, is one of her grandfathers. It is very motivational to receive this kind of feedback on …

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Jan 10

Santa Goes to Washington DC

Oklahoma 2nd grader, Rachel Fryer, created this 70 second digital puppet story in December 2011.

Nov 11

Education Restart

My digital literacy students conducted research on what it is like to be a student today. Their prompt was a video made in 2007 by Professor Michael Wesch and his Kansas State University students.

Nov 01

Student Web 2.0 Help Desk

Our student technology group (SAINT Squad – Students Actively Involved in Networking and Technology) has been creating a ‘Help Desk’ for students and staff at our school for a few years. We use Screenr or Jing and post to our wiki page. We create screencasts to show people how to use valuable Web 2.0 Tools. …

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