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Apr 01

Horse Lovers Discuss Safety

5th graders at Lakeview Elementary School in Yukon, Oklahoma, share about their love of horses and some important horse safety tips. Web link to the media example: Grade Level: elementary School Name: Lakeview Elementary School listen to ‘Horses boo’ on Audioboo This audio recording was also integrated into a school “radio show” with other …

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Oct 01

Portable Radio / TV

This is my 7th year of producing Portable Radio with junior level students (ages 9 – 11). It’s evolved into two formats: episodes and POVs. Episodes are pretty much variety shows around 15 minutes in length. A POV (Portable Radio Point of View) is my student’s reaction to current events news. We’ve been fortunate to …

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Aug 23

Name Art by Rachel

Rachel, a 3rd grader in Oklahoma City Public Schools, explains her “name art” which she created during the initial weeks of school in August 2012. Web link to the media example: Grade Level: elementary School Name: Quail Creek Elementary, Oklahoma City Public Schools listen to ‘Name Art by Rachel’ on Audioboo

Apr 16

WAB School Photo Gallery

The Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) uses “Gallery” software (v. 2)  to share images of students and school activities in this “Photo SandBox” site. The site functions similarly to a homegrown-Flickr site, with students and teachers able to post comments. Web link to the media example: Grade Level: elementary / middle / high School Name: …

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Jan 16

Animal Podcasts

2nd grade students did research on an animal of their choice using books from the library and online resources. The students entered key information in a form provided by the teacher and then shared what they learned as a podcast in interview format.

Nov 21

Age of Exploration: Explorer Interviews

Each pair of students researched, wrote and recorded an interview with an explorer from The Age of Exploration. After gathering facts and writing questions together, one student took the role of the interviewer while the other student played the role of the explorer. We recorded the interviews in class using just my iphone. The audio …

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Oct 14

Outdoor Classroom Audio Reflection

We took a field trip to an “Outdoor Classroom” on a nearby lake. Students took pictures and then recorded a reflection about their favorite station when we returned to our classroom, using older iPod Touches. Web link to the media example: Grade Level: elementary School Name: Morrison Elementary Outdoor Classroom Jayley H. (mp3)

Oct 07

Felicity Discusses the Normandy Field Trip

Felicity gives her impressions of the last day of Nodehill’s educational visit to Brittany June 2009. Web link to the media example: Grade Level: high school

Sep 24

4th Graders Interview State Rep During Field Trip

After being handed the class iPod Touch and given a 1 minute introduction to an audio recording app, 2 students in my 4th grade class did not hesitate to become true Social (Political) Scientists (something we have been studying in class)! During our tour of the Michigan State Capitol building, we were greeted by our …

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Sep 24

Today is Tomorrows Yesterday

Created a very pleasant ambient track using a recording of an artist blackberry picking with her son. The result is quite lovely. Web link to the media example: Grade Level: unknown (This is a moderated, anonymous submission, shared on SoundCloud.)

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