Aug 25

An Invitation to SHARE Media

This is my 7th year of producing Portable Radio with junior level students (ages 9 – 11). It’s evolved into two formats: episodes and POVs. Episodes are pretty much variety shows around 15 minutes in length. A POV (Portable Radio Point of View) is my student’s reaction to current events news. We’ve been fortunate to have these short (2-3 minute) opinion pieces played on our CBC Ottawa’s radio program Ottawa Morning several times over the years. The show has even contacted us on a few occasions for specific stories.

This year, my students have been really keen to make a video version of the show. While I was nervous about taking the plunge to show images of the kids, parental response has been positive. The hook for the kids is remarkable and I look forward to seeing where the kids take this.

Web link to the media example

Grade Level: elementary

School Name: Berrigan Elementary School in Ottawa, Canada (Mr. Toft’s Grade 4/5 class)

Also linked on the Storychasers Student Club examples list.

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