Aug 25

An Invitation to SHARE Media

Each pair of students researched, wrote and recorded an interview with an explorer from The Age of Exploration. After gathering facts and writing questions together, one student took the role of the interviewer while the other student played the role of the explorer. We recorded the interviews in class using just my iphone. The audio turned out terrific!

Each interview last no longer than 3 minutes but the students loved making them and listening to each others again on our class website.
Parents were excited to also listen in and took the time to do so because the were quick and to the point.

Lastly, Audioboo allowed me, the teacher, to publish this project in about 10 minutes. I simply recorded each interview with the FREE audioboo app on my iphone. They automatically saved to my account and all I had to do was copy the widget code onto the website and ALL 13 interviews were linked to our site immediately. No downloading or uploading time and I did not have to work with each recording individually. One of the best digital projects we’ve produced this year, for sure!

Web link to the media example:

Grade Level: elementary

School Name: The Madeleine School, Portland, OR

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